Experiences in Broadcast, Telecommunications and Multi-Media

Project Experiences

Over the past 6 years we have undertaken a number of major projects for Astro to provide them with a state of the art technical infrastructure to service both current their current requirements and to provide a platform to allow straightforward future expansion.

  • 2006  Construction of Cyberjaya Broadcast Centre
  • 2007-8  Rebuild of AABC Bukit Jalil Broadcast Centre
  • 2009  Launch of HDTV in Malaysia
  • 2010  HDTV expansion for World Cup coverage
  • 2011  Expansion of HD facilities for new channels

Cyberjaya was a green field site and developed as a second transmission centre for Astro. It currently transmits 80 SD and HD channels.

Following completion of Cyberjaya a second major project was undertaken to upgrade the 12 year old AABC centre with the same technology. The AABC centre now transmits 100 channels. The upgrade was carried out in a number of phases enabling the centre to continue transmission 24/7 whilst building, installation & commissioning works were carried out.

Both the Cyberjaya and AABC projects required extensive work to develop floorplans for all the technical areas, working closely with architects and M&E consultants.

An overall broadcast & IT architecture was designed, followed by detailed design for the technical areas. Astro transmit a mix of downlinked channels edited to meet Malaysian broadcast standards together with channels transmitted locally, and we designed areas to provide this functionality.

In 2009 it was decided to launch HD services and we designed a separate HD infrastructure for each broadcast centre. The infrastructure was first used on-air to provide HD coverage of every football in the 2010 World Cup. Comprehensive audio processing was installed to provide Dolby surround sound capability.

The HD systems are currently being expanded to provide an additional 12 HD channels during 2011.


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